Principalís Message has become increasingly clear in recent years that the ability of nations to combat poverty and achieve their human development goals hinges on the quality of governance. Therefore the challenges for all societies is to create a system of governance that promotes, supports and sustains human development to ensure people’s well-being and afford them opportunity to realize their full potential and eliminate poverty and all other forms of exclusion.

The Kenyan government looks at expenditure on education a a viable investment in the expansion of the economy’s future production capacity. Shortage of well-trained manpower is possibly the most serious obstacle to most rural development efforts. The concern for the welfare of the less fortunate and disadvantaged members of the society has accelerated during the last few years. The needs of children challenge our powers of foresight and planning for the future. The success of the intervention in involving the children is assured of creating a vicious cycle of reinforcing benefits, and their education and awareness on these issues guarantees the sustainability of the educational resource development.





1.      School infrastructural …

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Guiding Values


We community of Got Kachola shall be guided by the …

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