S.W.O.T Analysis Of The School




·         Enough pupils

·         Positive parents

·         Active school management committee members

·         Qualified teachers

·         Good landscape

·         Adequate text books


·         Inadequate finances

·         Inadequate DESKS

·         Lack of feeding programme

·         Lack of teachers houses

·         Unsafe playground

·         No library

·         No electricity

·         Inadequate clean and safe water

·         Inadequate office space & furniture

·         Small school compound

·         Under staffing

·         Stigma & discrimination against OVCs & PLWHAs


·         Plenty of forest resources

·         Favorable agricultural climatic conditions

·         Ambitious and committed staff

·         Disciplined and determined pupils



·         High levels of illiteracy

·         Unfavorable repugnant cultural belief and practices

·         Low political willpower

·         High prevalence of poverty

·         High incidence of HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB, Cholera & other infectious diseases

·         Drug abuse among the youth

·         High turnover of teachers & head teachers in the school

·         Uncertainty of continuing with  education to the next level

School Management Commitee’s Message

The needs of children challenge our powers of foresight and planning for …

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Guiding Values


We community of Got Kachola shall be guided by the …

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