1.      School infrastructural development including: -

·        School building block – class rooms

·        Administration block

·        Assembly hall

·        School Kitchen / dining hall

·        Library

·        Toilet facilities

·        School fence / security

2.      Low performance improvements both in teaching and learning

3.      Cross cutting issues enhancing gender disparities, high school dropouts among boys and girls

4.      Failure of candidates to join secondary schools

5.      High absenteeism among pupils as a result of child labor & ailment

6.      Low community involvement in school activities due to vulnerability to illiteracy, poverty, and ill health

7.      Inaccessible devolved funds or development and the OVCs bursary

School Management Commitee’s Message

The needs of children challenge our powers of foresight and planning for …

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Guiding Values


We community of Got Kachola shall be guided by the …

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